Feedback We Have Received

I can not recommend Karen highly  enough. Her calming manner and gentle acupuncture skills making you feel at ease very quickly. As a needle phobic Karen put me at complete ease and I had a very successful course of treatment which eased my chronic back pain due to 4 slipped discs.

I have also recommended a number of pregnant women to Karen to aid in easing anxiety, nausea, turning babies or to help encourage labour. 
These women have been equally happy with her service.


I started seeing Karen for acupuncture at the start of my third trimester after physiotherapy had failed to help with pelvic girdle pain. It was reassuring that she’s also a midwife, and I knew instantly in our first session that she was an expert and professional in what she does.


I saw Karen every week and within 3 sessions (I hadn’t been doing anything else differently in between and had given up on the Physio exercises) I noticed a significant improvement. The improvement was so incredible that I recommended her to some other pregnant friends with different pregnancy related pains and they also noticed positive changes.


During the last few weeks of my pregnancy I developed carpel tunnel, swelling of my hands and feet and increased liver function levels due to some pre-existing medical conditions. Karen was extremely knowledgeable about these given her medical training, and was also able to tailor the therapy to help with these conditions whilst still managing the pelvic pain which never came back even as I got heavier!


Karen has a very calming, positive and warm personality, and I felt extremely comfortable around her instantly. I feel very lucky to have met her and the help she’s been able to provide has made the last 3 months so much more bearable.


I would highly recommend Karen for acupuncture, she treated my sciatica with massage and acupuncture. The sciatica was quite debilitating but after the first two sessions I had minimal niggles of pain and was able to keep exercising and within 6 weeks I had forgotten I had a problem.


Karen is a very skilled, highly knowledgeable professional therapist who also has a warm and kind nature to her. I have been to see Karen a number of times for neck and back problems and I have had acupuncture, cupping and massage. They were very effective treatments, especially the cupping and massage as it released so much tension and together with the acupuncture, I was pain free once again. I have recommended Karen to family and friends and she makes everyone feel at ease with her positive and calm manner. 


I started to visit Karen for Acupuncture when I was 32 weeks pregnant due to hip pain. I received excellent professional treatment, Karen is very knowledgeable about the field and made me feel very comfortable. The treatment was great and definitely helped to ease the pain. Would definitely recommend Karen to anyone in need of this therapy.  


Karen made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, the room is also a lovely very relaxing room. The treatment worked so well I only needed one session and I can't believe I waited so long to book.


Thank you so much Karen you have been amazing.


Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours?

9-3pm Weekdays Monday, Wenesday, Thursday Evening 9-12 Midday Saturday Treatments by appointment only

What are your prices?

£60 for first treatment £45 follow up appointments £40 Pregnancy Massage £40 Moxibustion (including moxa sticks to go home with) £40 Massage Treatments by appointment only

How long do the treatments last?

First Treatment 60-75 Minutes Follow-up Treatment 45 Minutes Pregnancy Massage 30 minutes Moxibustion 30 Minutes Massage 30 Minutes

Do you offer any concession to payments?

£5 off first 4 acupuncture treatments if you attend Pregnancy Club (this offer does not include induction of labour treatments or moxibustion) Concessions available for people with chronic conditions and people who are required to attend more than once a week (i.e. nausea in pregnancy) 10% off for pensioners

Do you have parking?

The street is parking zone C, permit parking only. You are welcome to park on our driveway, otherwise i will arrange a permit for you. Please provide your car registration number.

Is there a waiting area?

Unfortunately there is no reception area, please wait in your vehicle until your appointment time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full cost of treatment is due if less than 48 hours notice is given (excluding cancellation from being in labour).

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